Volume 12 Issue 2 A Journal Dedicated to Natural Dyes Spring 2007
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Earthues Colors
Photograph Copyright by Kathy Hattori  

A Natural Color Company
by Kathy Hattori

Earthues creates exquisite colors by working in partnership with natural dye suppliers around the world. Traveling the globe, we teach and share experiences about natural dyes and eco-methods for achieving beautiful colors using plant and natural dyestuffs. Your purchase of Earthues natural dyes helps support a villager, a grower, a cooperative and a traditional way of making color.

Earthues store, Seattle WA
Earthues Colors
Photograph Copyright by Kathy Hattori

As a recognized leader in natural dyes, we provide expertise in color, textile design and artisan craft development for the global marketplace. Our consultancies afford us the privilege of working with a wide variety of individuals: women’s cooperatives, small village craft groups, disabled artisans, non-profit and fair-trade organizations.

Michele Wipplinger, founder of Earthues, is an educator, photographer, master dyer and designer with over thirty years experience in natural dyes. Michele trained in France and Switzerland with noted natural dye houses and developed her style of dyeing that yields beautiful, repeatable hues using only non-toxic alum mordants. In 1992 she introduced the concept of natural dye extracts that yielded brilliant, consistent and lightfast hues that were non-toxic and easy to use. Earthues does not use any of the heavy metals that are dangerous to health and our planet.  We recycle our packaging and compost natural materials from our dyepots.

Earthues sells natural dye extracts in kit or individual form, raw natural dye materials, alum mordants and auxiliaries, earth pigments and oxides, mica powders and gold leaf kits.

We also stock a complete line of supplies for all your artistic endeavors, including handmade textile brushes, journals, books on dyes and color, undyed yarns, buttons and unique textile blanks for painting and printing. As well, we carry handmade textiles and gifts that we collect on our travels, and these treasures are available for sale.  Our studio is filled with naturally dyed and handwoven fabrics from India, Pakistan, Laos, Afghanistan, Britain, Uzbekistan and Indonesia.

Earthues holds classes throughout the year in our Seattle studio as well as teaching natural dyeing techniques in locations across North America. We teach a variety of beginning and advanced natural dye classes including surface design techniques, mud printing and ochres, yarn dyeing and painting and our Color Institute, an individualized, intensive series that focuses on color and design principles for artisans.

Our studio is located at 5129 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle WA 98107 USA. Feel free to call us at 206-789-1065, or visit us on the web at www.earthues.com. Our email address is info@earthues.com.

Step out into the world . . . Take a walk through nature . . . Explore the colors of India, Mexico, Mali and Laos . . . Enjoy the journey with Earthues.

Earthues, A Natural Color Company
5129 Ballard Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98107
Telephone - 206-789-1065
Fax: 206-783-9676
Email: info@earthues.com
Website: www.earthues.com