Volume 14 Issue 1 A Journal Dedicated to Natural Dyes Fall 2008
Nature's Gallery
Works by Miriam Rice and Others
Works using Mushroom Dyes

Miriam C. Rice

Batik painting with mushroom watercolors on mushroom paper.
Batik painting by Miriam Rice
Photograph Copyright by Miriam C. Rice
Dorothy Beebee

Painting on raw silk using mushroom paints.
Painting of mushrooms
Photograph Copyright by D. Beebee
John Marshall

  Chrysanthemum. Hand painted using traditional methods of painting on silk with mushroom pigments.  
Chrysanthemums, John Marshall
Photograph Copyright by David Russell
  Stencil painting with mushroom dyes using traditional Japanese methods on jacquard silk.  
Stencil painting, John Marshall
Photograph Copyright by David Russell
Hanneliesal Reeves

Mushroom dyed raw silk quilted jacket created by Hanneliesal Reeves, Mendocino, CA.
Quilted silk jacket, Hanneliesal Reeves
Photograph Copyright by Sean Sprague
Ronnie James

  Woolen sweater showing the range of color with mushroom dyes, handknit by Ronnie James of Mendocino, CA.  
Woolen sweater, Ronnie James
Photograph Copyright by Ronnie James
Ellen Athens

  Summer Song, a tapestry woven by Ellen Athens, Mendocino, CA, uses many of the early earth-toned mushroom dyes.  
Summer Song tapestry, Ellen Athens
Photograph Copyright by Ellen Athens
Lahja Hakala

Woolen yardage woven by Lahja Hakala in Finland using the dyes from Cortinarius mushrooms with all 5 mordants producing different hues from the same dyebath.
Woolen yardage, Lahja Hakala
Photograph Copyright by Lahja Hakala
Tigerlily Jones

Mendocino Headlands, tapestry.
Mendocino Headlands, Tigerlily Jones
Photograph Copyright by Tigerlily Jones