Volume 14 Issue 1 A Journal Dedicated to Natural Dyes Fall 2008

Dear Readers:

Welcome to the Fall 2008 edition of the Turkey Red Journal. Over the past 13 years, the Turkey Red Journal has featured a number of master dyers. We would like to dedicate this edition to Master Dyer, Miriam Rice. I had the opportunity to meet Miriam in 1995, at the Nature's Dye Conference, at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. I was fortunate to be selected to assist Miriam with her Mushroom for Color Workshop. It was there I learned about Miriam's in-depth knowledge of mycology and her passion for creating color. Dorothy Beebee has written an article on the many contributions Miriam has made to the field of natural dyes and the Gallery Section features artwork influenced by Miriam's teachings.

Also in this issue, Sandra Swarbrick has written about the Certificate of Excellence in Dyeing Program sponsored by the Handweaver's Guild of America. The COE is a self-study program that aims to assist individuals in evaluating and increasing their skills. I encourage dyers to take a serious look at the opportunities this program has to offer. Tanya Patmore shares her story about a day of dyeing in Sweden, where she experimented with a variety of dyes, including plants from the Swedish wilderness. India Flint's new book, Eco Colour, is reviewed by Pam Borchardt. This is a beautifully design book with a wealth of information on ways to dye "green" and to use locally grown plants. Flint exhorts dyers to be adventurous in their approach to dyeing while being conscious of their environmental footprint.

Articles, artwork, exhibit notices and reviews for the next issue of the TRJ will be due October 15, 2008. We are interested in featuring dyers from around the world. Don't hesitate to submit your ideas. Send your submissions to pfeldman@saic.edu. Back issues of the print version of the TRJ are still available for purchase. Contact me directly for further information. Please keep sending in your thoughts and suggestions. We appreciate all your comments.

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A special thanks to Judith Musick, the TRJ copy editor and to Bob Feldman, our webmaster for all their hard work.

Pamela Feldman
Editor and Publisher