Volume 16 Issue 2 A Journal Dedicated to Natural Dyes Spring 2011
The dyers' hands stained with Japanese indigo
The dyers' hands stained
with Japanese indigo
Photograph Copyright by
Rowland Ricketts


Dear Readers:

Welcome to the Spring 2011 edition of the Turkey Red Journal. In this edition, four dyers share with us their research, community projects, and garden journals. Karen and Rufus Day, from Portland, Oregon, have written about their experimentations using Annatto seeds with a variety of modifiers. They presented their work at the Earth's Palette Conference in Taos, New Mexico last fall.

Last spring, Roland Ricketts, a professor at Indiana University Bloomington, started the IndiGrowing Blue Project on the campus, which focuses on community involvement with the dye process from plant to pot, as well as research on the feasibility of dye cultivation in the Bloomington area. His article in this issue of the TRJ describes the success he has had growing Janpanese Indigo in Indiana.

Heather Clark Hilliard's article Notes from Tinctoria Gardens, Oklahoma, Spring 2011, is a continuation of her observations and reflections on growing dye plants in Oklahoma (see TRJ Vol. 15, Issue 2 for her first article). Historically, gardener's notebooks have been an invaluable way of sharing information with other gardeners. Hopefully, Heather's article will inspire other dye gardeners to share their knowledge with the Turkey Red Journal readers.

Articles, artwork, exhibit notices and reviews for the next issue of the TRJ will be due October 1, 2011. We are interested in featuring dyers from around the world. Don't hesitate to submit your ideas for articles. Send your submissions to pfeldman@saic.edu.

Back issues of the print version of the TRJ are still available for purchase. Contact me directly for further information. Please keep sending in your thoughts and suggestions. We appreciate all your comments.

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As always, a special thanks to Judith Musick, the TRJ copy editor and to Bob Feldman, our webmaster for all their hard work.

Pamela Feldman
Editor and Publisher